Visual Integrity and Neural plasticity in the Elderly Study (VINES) has the goal to investigate the neural mechanisms of processing speed and processing speed training in a sample of older adults using fMRI.  Older adults were randomized to one of three arms: the intervention (speed of processing training) group, a social-contact control group, and a no-contact control group. In addition to the behavioral and neuroimaging data, genetic data is also being collected. The correlations of everyday activities, neural changes resulting from processing speed training, and potential influence of genetics will also be investigated. This project is led by Dr. Ross in close collaboration with Dr. Visscher and is funded by the Center for Clinical & Translational Science, Center for Aging, and the Vision Research Science Center.  Additionally, the UAB Center for Translational Research on Aging and Mobility has also provided support and resources for this project.

Project Team

Lesley A. Ross, Ph.D.

Lesley Ross