Senior and Adolescent Naturalistic Driving Study (SANDS) is a project that addresses one of the leading causes of death for individuals across the lifespan: motor vehicle crashes. The overarching goal is to examine unbiased real-world driving in at-risk drivers across the lifespan, namely younger (16-19) and older (65+) adults. Participants will undergo a detailed baseline assessment of demographic, cognitive, sensory, physical functioning and health status. Their vehicles will then be installed with a data recording device that will provide information detailed data regarding the trip including driving behaviors, driving environment, and driving safety across two weeks. Finally, participants will return for a post-test assessment and for removal of the devices. The project is led by Drs. Ross and Stavrinos and is currently funded by the UAB Faculty Development Grant Program, Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development & Education Center (STRIDE), Alabama Department of Transportation, and the UAB Roybal Center for Translational Research on Aging and Mobility.

Project Team

Lesley A. Ross, Ph.D.

Lesley Ross