MIDUS Refresher, 11/06/03 - open

The Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) Refresher is an extension of the decade long longitudinal study of midlife adult health and well-being. MIDUS employs a multidisciplinary team of scholars and researchers to understand the interrelationships among physical, emotional, and cognitive health in a nationally representative sample of adults ranging in age from 20-80.

The MIDUS Refresher incorporates a wide range of measures to examine the effects of the current economic climate on individuals from all walks of life. Researchers are investigating peoples’ employment status, their loss of savings and homes, their worries about paying bills, and changes in health insurance. How these experiences are linked to family life, emotional health, and biological risk factors is of central interest. Researchers at Penn State lead the team responsible for daily diary data collection where individuals report on how the current recession affects their daily experiences and routines.

This study is funded by the National Institute on Aging. For more information on MIDUS please visit the project website here.

Project Team

David M. Almeida, Ph.D.


Madelyn Wagner, SRC Project Manager
Concetta Mineo
Joshua Swenson