The overall objective in this planning grant is to lay the conceptual and methodological foundation to explore cognitive, psychosocial, lifestyle behaviors, biomarker, and neural mechanisms of two forms of conceptually driven cognitive training. Additionally, it will examine how cognitive and psychosocial factors within daily life account for the transfer of cognitive training to everyday function. It will use a factorial design to randomize adults ages 45-90 to 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of two forms of cognitive training, a combined training, or an active control condition. This exploratory study is the first of its kind and will be used to provide important data relevant to a future larger randomized controlled trial examining mediators of cognitive training in a representative sample of adults. This information will assist in the future development of more effective home- and community-based interventions that maintain everyday function.

Project Team

Lesley A. Ross, Ph.D.

Lesley Ross

Martin J. Sliwinski , Ph.D.


Vernon Chinchilli, Ph.D.


Christopher G. Engeland


Zita Oravecz, Ph.D.


Courtney Fine


Jordan Solt