TitleWebquest and Comics in the Formation of Human Resources in Nursing.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMaruxo, HBárbara, Prado, C, de Almeida, DMaria, Tobase, L, Grossi, MGomes, Vaz, DRodrigues
JournalRev Esc Enferm USP
Volume49 Spec No
Date Published2015 Dec

<p>Objective To describe the process of constructing and implementation of Webquest as pedagogical strategy as guiding the study about the pedagogical concepts using Comic. Method The first stage of the study was outlined applied research of technological production. The second stage was characterized as research exploratory, descriptive documentary for the analysis of Comic. in the teaching diploma in Nursing of EEUSP in 2013. Results The proposed Webquest was implemented, resulting in 18 Comic. All Pedagogical Concepts studied were addressed; used the software indicated and the power point, the plots developed in different scenarios and most Comic contemplated mandatory items. Conclusion The use of different technological resources provide learning, by mobilizing multiple potentialities, abilities and interests of students, favoring the construction of collective and collaborative learning, strengthening important and necessary features in training that will influence the human resource profile in tune with the aspirations of the labor market.</p>

Alternate JournalRev Esc Enferm USP
PubMed ID26959156