TitleRural Population Health and Aging: Toward a Multilevel and Multidimensional Research Agenda for the 2020s.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsJensen, L, Monnat, SM, Green, JJ, Hunter, LM, Sliwinski, MJ
JournalAm J Public Health
Date Published2020 09
KeywordsAging, Climate Change, Coronavirus Infections, COVID-19, Ethnic Groups, Health Status Disparities, Humans, Pandemics, Pneumonia, Viral, Rural Health, Rural Population, United States

<p>The unique health and aging challenges of rural populations often go unnoticed. In fact, the rural United States is home to disproportionate shares of older and sicker people, there are large and growing rural-urban and within-rural mortality disparities, many rural communities are in population decline, and rural racial/ethnic diversity is increasing.Yet rural communities are not monolithic, and although some rural places are characterized by declining health, others have seen large improvements in population health. We draw on these realities to call for new research in five areas.First, research is needed to better describe health disparities between rural and urban areas and, because rural places are not monolithic, across rural America. Second, research is needed on how trends in rural population health and aging are affecting rural communities. Third, research is needed on the ways in which economic well-being and livelihood strategies interact with rural health and aging. Fourth, we need to better understand the health implications of the physical and social isolation characterizing many rural communities. Finally, we argue for new research on the implications of local natural environments and climate change for rural population health and aging.</p>

Alternate JournalAm J Public Health
PubMed ID32673118
PubMed Central IDPMC7427233
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