TitleChronic stressors and daily hassles: unique and interactive relationships with psychological distress.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSerido, J, Almeida, DM, Wethington, E
JournalJ Health Soc Behav
Date Published2004 Mar
KeywordsAdult, Aged, Chronic Disease, Female, Humans, Interviews as Topic, Male, Middle Aged, Stress, Psychological, United States

<p>Using daily telephone interviews of a U.S. national sample of adults, aged 25-74 (N = 1,031), the present analyses draw from theories of the stress process and recent research to examine how chronic role-related stressors and daily hassles affect psychological distress. Four separate hypotheses are examined. The first explores the association between chronic stressors and daily hassles. The second tests whether daily hassles function as an intervening variable between chronic stressors and psychological distress. The third tests whether a chronic stressor moderates the relationship between daily hassles and psychological distress. The fourth hypothesis tests for cross-domain effects of chronic stressors and daily hassles. Findings indicate that chronic stressors and daily hassles are distinct types of stressors with unique contributions to psychological distress. The study provides support for chronic home stressors functioning as a moderating factor on the relationship between daily hassles and psychological distress both within and across domains.</p>

Alternate JournalJ Health Soc Behav
PubMed ID15179905
Grant ListAG19239 / AG / NIA NIH HHS / United States