Mar 30 2022

Seed grant awarded to PI, Dr. Larry Cheng (ENG), Dr. Orfeu Buxton (BBH), and Dr. Jonathan Hakun (Neurology, COM) from the Center for Human Evolution and Diversity (CHED) entitled "Multi-modal sensor technology and machine learning approaches for evaluating brain health in older adults.”

The Center for Human Evolution and Diversity (CHED) promotes the transdisciplinary study of the human condition. CHED supports and promotes team-based, explicitly interdisciplinary basic research on the evolution of humans and human diversity, and educational research and outreach related to this research. CHED faculty share a commitment to communicating information about human evolution and diversity in a clear and forthright way that will be meaningful for all people because an appreciation of human history and heritage is conducive to the health and well-being of individuals and society.