For Researchers

Our center serves as a hub for connecting scholars from divergent perspectives and disciplines who share interests related to aging, health and adult development. The center fosters collaborations by providing researchers with opportunities for linking their interests with ongoing longitudinal research projects and by supporting pilot projects that address topics relevant to adult health and aging.

In addition the center offers administrative support to researchers:

  • Provide pre-award advance fund numbers
  • Assist investigators with post-award administration of sponsored projects
  • Coordinate, process and monitor invoices, travel expenses and purchases
  • Monitor and advise PIs on compliance with federal and university guidelines for allowable expenses
  • Review and approve re-budgeting of funds and assist the PI with securing approvals of budget amendments by sponsor
  • Appointments of fixed-term faculty and research staff
  • Coordinate cost-sharing for research and technical support across projects
  • Process and oversee wage payroll/timecards
  • Coordinate visits by faculty researchers and collaborators from other universities and process reimbursement and honoraria
  • Coordinate visits by international researchers and collaborators and ensure reimbursements and honoraria are in compliance with University policies