Prospective Graduate Students

You will find that the Center brings together faculty, post-doctoral and pre-doctoral trainees from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. This cross-disciplinary structure allows our students to access unique “problem-focused” training opportunities without being constrained by traditional academic boundaries. We are committed to nurturing the career development of each and every one of our trainees. Educational personalized -- independent thinking and the pursuit of specialized interests are the norm. Having access to all faculty for mentoring, from the most senior professors to those who are junior, facilitates this endeavor.

The Center provides training in the context of a broad range of research projects that fall into five thematically connected areas:

  • Developmental Methodology
  • Daily Experiences
  • Health Behaviors
  • Work-Family Health Interventions for Healthy Aging

To learn more about Penn State's Human Development and Family Studies graduate program visit here. Expertise training is avialable in two research area specializations Individual Development -  Adulthood and Aging and Promoting Successful Aging.  Visit Research for more details about each of the Center's themes.