Pathways T32 Training Program


The goal of the Pathways T32 Training Program is to train the next generation of scientists to identify psychosocial determinants and biological pathways that underlie healthy and unhealthy aging. The program provides pre- and post-doctoral scientists with the foundational training needed to integrate a broad range of psychosocial and biological concepts, and to use advanced data acquisition and analysis methods in their own research.  This program brings together faculty from the College of Health and Human Development (Human Development and Family Studies, Biobehavioral Health, and Kinesiology) and the College of the Liberal Arts (Psychology) to create a comprehensive mentorship program.  Fellows take courses outside their discipline and also participate in a variety of scientific and professional development activities. The resource-rich environment provided by the Center for Healthy Aging allows fellows to be integrated into active and ongoing interdisciplinary research projects and learn advanced methods to study biopsychosocial processes in the laboratory as well as everyday life.