Project Team

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Amy E. LorekCommunity Engagement Director

FaceAge is a cross-disciplinary group of research collaborators from the arts, gerontology, nursing, and the humanities. Through articulating the experiences of those who engage in the installation, we aim to demonstrate FaceAge as a medium from which changes in attitude can evolve. FaceAge research is focused on translating the impact of this innovative arts project and its effects on both younger and older adults’ attitudes towards aging. We aim for a deeper understanding of the lived experience for individuals across generations and how this phenomenology impacts people’s perceptions of aging. We seek to identify the key elements of aging perceptions and the motivation behind changes in attitude surrounding aging. Ultimately, we hope to extend our efforts into the community to promote public engagement and encourage individuals to challenge the way they view aging while forging cross-generational connections in their communities.

As a model for transdisciplinary arts research, FaceAge offers a timely case study for examining and exploring innovative ways in which third-space collaborations—particularly in Arts + Health—can be extended into the sphere of public engagement, with measurable outcomes and impacts. We are interested in exploring and examining the ways in which the embodied, experiential quality of FaceAge provides a template for engaging publics in other important medical concerns.  One NIH-funded project already under way is a collaboration with medical ethicists and critical care physicians, who are working with members of the FaceAge team on a project called “Who Would You Choose?”  The aim is to create an arts-based multi-media intervention designed to encourage people to designate an end-of-life spokesperson.

FaceAge is much more than research + art innnovation. We also aim to extend the experience and content of FaceAge to undergraduate classrooms. To learn more about FaceAge, visit www.faceage.org

Else People Joined: 
Andrew Belser, Professor, College of Arts & Architecture