CALM II: Community Approach to Learning Mindfully

Project Team

Name of People Who JoinedRole of People in the Project
Martin J. Sliwinski Primary Investigator

The aim of this project is to test whether a short daily intervention involving yoga, somatic breathing, intention setting, and caring practices results in reduced psychological and physiological symptoms related to stress and burnout among health caregivers.

This research is proposed to 1) find out how stress impacts caregiving and broader life functioning over a 10 month period, and 2) determine whether a professional development program designed to help heath caregivers deal with stress and emotions in daily life results in improvements in caregiver well-being and physical health. Approximately 30 people will take part in this research study at one site and 30 people at a second local senior living site.

In a previous study members of our research team evaluated the feasibility and efficacy of the Community Approach to Learning Mindfully (CALM) in a sample of middle school teachers. Participants in this program found it to be a feasible and beneficial for managing stress and promoting wellbeing. In addition, participants in this program showed improved stress and improvements in positive affect and mindfulness (Harris, Jennings, Katz, Abenavoli, & Greenberg, 2016). CALM II proposed to adapt this intervention for use with health care providers in long-term care settings.

Else People Joined: 
Mark Greenberg,Edna Peterson Bennett Chair & Professor of Human Development & Psychology
Alexis Harris, Research Assistant Professor of Education, University of Virginia
Tsultrim Datso, CALM II group leader
Sue Lembeck-Edens, CALM II group leader