For the Community

The Center strives to develop and maintain a strong community presence with its activities and research. There are many ways to be involved with the Center's work:

If you would like to be involved with students, advise or participate in research, please consider joining Experience Club

For intellectually stimulating and practically focused experience, consider attending our Healthy Aging Public Lecture Series held at public venues around the area. We are proud to bring research off of the paper and into everyday practice.

We also work intentionally to bring generations together. After all, this is the nature of aging research in a university setting. To this end we are proud to partner with Intergenerational Programs.

Please consider joining us in our research and activities to promote adulthood health and well being!

Other resources: 

  • Physical activity is essential to healthy aging, but how much physical activity do older adults need? Click here for a specific description.
  • Eating well as you age is important too, but what does "eating well" mean? Click here for guidance and videos on this topic.